Masseria Fulcignano

An extraordinary day

Endless tables of friends among the centuries-old olive trees, a sky embroidered with thousand lights, high white walls, prickly pears everywhere, monumental walls, imposing hay rolls, scent of thyme, bay leaves, rosemary and sage, a feeling of joy and love that inebriate everyone present at the most important day of your life.

Puglia, Salento, our farm and its colors are the common denominator of your most beautiful day.

Welcome to the masseria Fulcignano. We are waiting for you.

Our services


Capture your wedding with our photography.


Our on-site Floral Studio will design the wedding flowers of your dreams.


Celebrate your wedding in Masseria Fulcignano with a symbolic or legal cerimony. We are municipal place for legal cerimony.


Broadcast your wedding ceremony and relive all the moments from your wedding.

Wedding Cakes

Cakes Be married and eat cake! Fun and elegant wedding cakes available in all sizes.


We’ll help you to find and book your hotel near Masseria Fulcignano for your guests who will not stay in Masseria.

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