The Masseria Fulcignano restaurant – the tradition of Apulian cuisine at your service

We wish You a warm welcome here in our house.

We hope to make you feel at ease and we are glad to give you the opportunity to experience the absence of our beloved land.

The tradition of Salento is also, if not above all, a culinary tradition to be enjoyed around the table, which has always been a symbol of sharing and love.

We would like you to experience these emotions and we are confident that the best way is to prepare for You a good meal according to our tradition.

Enjoy your meal!

The Masseria Fulcignano Menù

Our greatest wealth is the use of genuine zero km products.

All the vegetables offered at the table are grown on our farm.

The extra virgin olive oil with which we crown our raw materials to make them sublime comes from our trees.

The bread we produce is mainly composed of unrefined type 1 flours with sourdough and comes from wheat grown by our company and ground in Salento mills.

We serve beef, pork and horse meat and fresh cheeses coming exclusively from Salento farms.

Even the eggs come from free-range hens in Salento.

All our wines are produced by Salento farms, Cantina Apollonio di Monteroni, Cantina Vecchia Torre di Leverano, Cantina Fiorentino di Galatina and Cantina i Pastini di Manduria.

We personally select and check all the raw materials offered by our suppliers so that they can guarantee us the quality and genuineness you deserve.

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