Living in the farm

Living the farm is rediscovering the warmth of the ancient traditions of our land.

We will welcome you as if you were at our home.

The morning will start with the chirping of birds and the scent of our kitchen that will take you to the porch of the farm where breakfast will be served. The farm is oriented to the south and the sun, at 8 am already, will stay with you during your first coffee. A rich buffet of cakes, donuts, pies filled with our jams, daily fresh bread and pasticciotti Leccesi welcomes you on long white tables where you can enjoy our genuine and delicious specialities.

A long morning of excursions along the sea of ​​the Ionian coast or in the ancient squares of the Salento villages is expecting you. We will help you to find every old village and every strip of beach where you can spend unforgettable hours.

At the sunset, the farm will amaze you with beautiful breathtaking landscapes. You can enjoy the coolness around the pool or enjoy an aperitif under the fig and olive trees.

Now it’s sunset. The harvest of the day has just arrived and our kitchen starts preparing delicious dishes.

Do you want to be the protagonists of the kitchen yourself? you can join our cooking classes organized by our staff.

The night is near, the sky abandons its deep blue color to show a myriad of brighting stars that you can observe with our telescopes on the panoramic terrace.

Expect everything. The white of the stars will soon blend with the colors of the fireworks that embroider the Salento nights. All around the masseria, in the ancient villages is a fervor of patron festivals, festivals, commemorative processions, and concerts.

This’s Salento. You will fall in love with it!